The seeds of The Purple Project were sown in 2004, with the nucleus coming together to begin the daunting task of finding musicians capable of emulating the immense talents of the five musicians in the original line-ups of Deep Purple.
Finally, after 14 months of searching, the definitive line-up was settled. Work began with intense rehearsal and close study of the original recordings by each of the members, the goal being, not just to perform the songs with an authentic sound, but to capture the ‘essence’ and spirit of the original recordings.
Satisfied that the group can now deliver on this promise, The Purple Project represents something more than just a sound-a-like ‘tribute’ act. Behind each performance lies a deeper understanding of the structure and motivation for the arrangements - and a shared passion for recreating the unbelievable power and intensity of Deep Purple in full flight!
The show mirrors the famous concerts of Deep Purple with a running time of two hours, with songs picked from the extensive album and single back-catalogue, and includes classic live favourites such as ‘Highway Star’, ‘Burn’ and of course ‘Smoke on the Water’.

The Band
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